Jennette McCombs, Drop In Center Specialist
…Since 1988, Homeless Outpatient Program (HOP) Drop-in Center has been a pioneer in serving the homeless population in Downtown and South Los Angeles. The goal of the Drop-in Center is to stabilize homeless individuals and families by providing comprehensive case management services that include a thorough assessment, benefits assistance, housing placement, mental health counseling, life skills classes, linkage to drug and alcohol outpatient programs, primary healthcare, and legal services.

In addition, HOP leads a community based managed cared organization, Integrated Care System (ICS), which includes over 25 different providers in a variety of coordinated programs that can assist our clients.

Outreach Worker… Services begin with the Street Outreach Team that work to build trusting relationships amongst homeless people living on the street, in abandoned cars and buildings that gradually leads to openness and acceptance of seeking services under clinical supervision.

BENEFITS ASSISTANCE......Income through employment and/or benefits is an important part of maintaining housing placement. HOP Drop-in Center provides benefits eligibility assessment, assistance in completing benefits applications, advocates on behalf of clients with government entities, provides linkage to employment resources and vocational rehabilitation programs.



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